On April 30th 2024 120 students gathered together in the Larkmead School hall for a morning of collaborative and challenging tasks with local education company House of Fun. The IBrick workshops involved designing and testing two challenging brick builds with a focus on teamwork and engineering. Mixed school groups encouraged students to meet new people and take on different roles within their teams. Students enjoyed making new friends and spending time working on the tasks as well as modifying their designs and learning from others.

Student Feedback

‘I think that it was a really great time well spent and it was even better that we got to meet people from other schools that we usually wouldn’t see.’

‘I enjoyed working with other people I didn’t already know.’ 

‘I liked building the rescue robot because it was something different and fun.’ 

‘I enjoyed the building, meeting new people, doing fun activities and having ideas and putting it into the work.’ 

‘It was fun working as a group to fix problems.’

96% of attendees would recommend the event to a friend. 

New for 2023/24 the partnership has planned three core events based on the aims. InspirED took place in November and was a morning of inspiring guest speakers and student stories for students in year 10. ChallengED is the second in the programme and will be followed by SupportED, with a wellbeing focus, in June.