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Mental Health and Wellbeing support for Schools

Mental Health & Wellbeing


Early intervention groups

Individual, paired and group sessions available for KS3, KS4 and 6th Form. These can be stand alone sessions or blocks of 4 (30mins – 1 hour), giving students the skills to manage their mental health and develop resilience.

Topics: Friendships, self esteem, stress, anxiety, low mood, boundaries, self care, healthy/unhealthy habits, procrastination, LGBTQ+.


The following are topics for assemblies, talks and workshops. We are flexible and can adapt material to suit the needs of your students and lesson times.

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Supporting your peers KS4, 6th Form
Understanding anger and other strong feelings KS3, KS4
Managing stress and anxiety KS3, KS4, 6th Form
A mentally healthy approach to exams KS4, 6th Form
Pressure: Assertiveness & aggression KS3
Your teenage brain KS3, KS4
When banter becomes bullying KS3
Introduction to mindfulness KS3, KS4, 6th Form
Introduction to yoga KS3, KS4, 6th Form
Yoga & mindfulness for stress KS3, KS4, 6th Form
An introduction to philosophy and meditation KS4, 6th Form
Understanding grief and death KS4, 6th Form
Pleasure traps KS4, 6th Form

Relationships & Sex Education

Communicating Consent KS3, KS4, 6th Form
Healthy & unhealthy relationships KS3, KS4, 6th Form
Menstrual Wellbeing KS3, KS4
Sex online and media messages KS4, 6th Form
Contraception KS4, 6th Form
Self esteem and body image KS3, KS4

Staff CPD

Youth Mental Health First Aid 2 day course Abingdon School
Youth Mental Health First Aid 1 day course On site
Youth Mental Health First Aid half day course On site
Adult Mental Health First Aid 1 day course Abingdon School
Staff wellbeing CPD On site
Social-emotional learning in the classroom On site
PSHCE/RSHE support – curriculum, statutory guidance, engagement, resources On site
Safeguarding – Understanding harmful sexual behaviours On site
Safeguarding – Understanding online sexual abuse and INCEL culture On site

Parent/family webinars

Talking to our teens about drugs and substances
Supporting our children’s mental health
Supporting our LGBTQ+ children and young people
Digital health & wellbeing
Emotional health for you and your family

OX14 Events

I Can & I Am

James Shone and his team are bringing their bus back to Abingdon town in November. They offer talks and workshops for students struggling with self esteem and self belief.

To book the bus visit for your school, please email Natalie at or contact the team directly at 

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Group

We have now established a working group for OX14, which will develop LGBTQ+ inclusion across the 6 schools, including policy, curriculum, student engagement and staff training. 

Self Harm Awareness Training

OX14 is able to fund training with Satveer Nijar, a highly rated trainer who delivers workshops for students, training for staff and talks for parents on mental health and understanding self harm. For more information on how to book this training, please email Natalie.


Natalie will be joining Abingdon School’s safeguarding team as a DDSL from September and will be offering support to the safeguarding teams across the learning partnership.

Our team

Natalie Hunt is the Mental Health & Wellbeing Coordinator for Abingdon School. Having previously taught Drama for 10 years, she developed a strong interest in young people’s mental health and retrained in Youth Mental Health First Aid (England) and Relationships & Sex Education (with Acet UK). She now supports schools in implementing a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing through staff training, parent talks and working with students on a wide range of issues. Most recently she has helped students in years 11-13 to manage their anxiety over exams and strongly believes in the importance of early intervention and prevention of mental ill health. Natalie is a DDSL and supports safeguarding teams in the schools she works in.

Henry Barnes is a teacher of Philosophy and the head of yoga at Abingdon School, where he has worked for nine years. Having had a number of mental health battles himself over the years, and having a background in schools from a young age (with his own father having been his headmaster!), Henry is now well placed to support staff and students alike, and is a passionate advocate of self-development and personal betterment. While some argue that an approach to this important area is just reflective of the ‘snowflake’ generations, Henry disagrees profoundly, arguing that building mental health strategies and techniques into our everyday lives will only make us stronger, as well as more resilient, complete and content, people. 

If you are looking for other specific topics, training or resources,  just get in touch by emailing Natalie Hunt (Mental Health & Wellbeing Coordinator) at