Our People

Steering Group: The School leaders from each school and trust form the Steering Group. They will make strategic decisions and have oversight of partnership priorities and impact reporting.

Partnership Champions: Each school has chosen a member of staff within their school to become the Partnership Champion. They will be the main point of contact for partnership activities and planning and form the Operations Group.

Amy Prior

John Mason

Rich Evans


Robin Southwell-Sander

Abingdon School

Abbie Pringle

St Helen and St Katharine

John Sparks

Radley College

Caroline Scott


Student Voice Committee: This group is made up of student representatives from each school. Students will discuss topical issues and plan partnership activities and events.

Partnership Coordinator: The Partnership Coordinator acts as a central point for communication and planning across the partnership. She helps facilitate and promote events. Please get in touch here: jessica.burns@abingdon.org.uk

Natalie Hunt is the Mental Health & Wellbeing Coordinator for Abingdon School. Having previously taught Drama for 10 years, she developed a strong interest in young people’s mental health and retrained in Youth Mental Health First Aid (England) and Relationships & Sex Education (with Acet UK). She now supports schools in implementing a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing through staff training, parent talks and working with students on a wide range of issues. Most recently she has helped students in years 11-13 to manage their anxiety over exams and strongly believes in the importance of early intervention and prevention of mental ill health. Natalie is a DDSL and supports safeguarding teams in the schools she works in.

If you are looking for other specific topics, training or resources,  just get in touch by emailing Natalie Hunt (Mental Health & Wellbeing Coordinator) at natalie.hunt@abingdon.org.uk

Henry Barnes is a teacher of Philosophy and the head of yoga at Abingdon School, where he has worked for nine years. Having had a number of mental health battles himself over the years, and having a background in schools from a young age (with his own father having been his headmaster!), Henry is now well placed to support staff and students alike, and is a passionate advocate of self-development and personal betterment. While some argue that an approach to this important area is just reflective of the ‘snowflake’ generations, Henry disagrees profoundly, arguing that building mental health strategies and techniques into our everyday lives will only make us stronger, as well as more resilient, complete and content, people.