Our Schools

Our Schools: Abingdon School, Radley College, Fitzharrys, John Mason, Larkmead and St Helen and St Katharine have formed this partnership to create sustainable, impactful and mutually beneficial opportunities for staff and students across Abingdon and the OX14 postcode.

The 6 schools are geographically very close and have formed close relationships over the last 5 years. Having launched many informal partnership activities in previous years it is felt that now is the time to formalise much of the partnership programme across the town.

Core aims of the Partnership are: 

  • Provide opportunities for aspiration and challenge through widening horizons for all stakeholders.
  • Use extra curricular activities to develop character, promote cultural engagement and support civic pride. 
  • Support the mental health and wellbeing of students, staff and parents using a whole school/ partnership approach. This will be based on Public Health England’s 8 principles for promoting a whole school approach to emotional health and wellbeing, see here.