Over the past eight weeks over 30 students from across the town have taken part in the OX14 Learning Partnership Academic Coaching programme. Coaching is a valuable and important tool in today’s society that helps unlock an individual’s potential and maximise performance through the coach/ coachee dialogue. Sixth form students attended training sessions where they  were introduced to the GROW coaching model which provides a scaffold on which effective coaching conversations can be based. It provides structure to enable a conversation to progress towards clear actions and outcomes. With the aims of getting staff and students from across the town to collaborate, build relationships and stronger self awareness, the programme has led to older students coaching each other as well as  younger students on a personal goal. Around 15 younger students in Year 8 and above joined the coaches for 4 sessions where they worked on topics such as procrastination, keeping calm in exams and working to tight deadlines. Offering this support to each other and younger students from another school setting helped the coaches  develop skills of teamwork, communication, listening and awareness of civic pride.