Over 140 Students were hosted by Fitzharrys School on 8th February for a variety of Partnership activities. The OX14 Student Voice committee were pleased to meet in person to discuss the topics of wellbeing, diversity and inclusivity. They valued the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and discuss the future of the partnership. Common themes of sporting opportunities, debating and breaking down barriers were investigated by students. Across the corridor, over 30 Peer Support Leads from 5 schools worked together to produce shared resources to support their work with younger students. Their ideas to support anxiety, identity and family issues will be stored on the website for them to access when they need them. It was also great to hear from students about their experiences of the role and things that have worked well for them in one to one discussions. Meanwhile, in the school hall over 90 students attended an aspirational talk about aiming for Oxbridge. Alumni from partner schools presented to the group about their experiences and advice giving valuable insight into the process. This is part of a pilot series of Oxbridge workshops across 3 schools in the partnership. Overall, there was a real buzz and excitement around this partnership event. Students were engaged and motivated to share and collaborate and teachers valued the opportunity to meet and discuss their thoughts and ideas. We are grateful to Fitzharrys for hosting the event so well and look forward to meeting again soon.